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Industrtial Resource Management  Ltd, a UK based company, have been supplying used machinery internationaly for twenty years. We specialise in plastics machinery, typically:

Blow moulders (molders) - Bottle printers - Complete lines - Cup/Lid printers - Extruders - Hot foil blocking - Injection Moulders (molders) -  Sheet Lines - Hot stamping

UK - IRELAND AGENCY. IRM Ltd are proud to announce thier appointment as UK/Irish Agents for KBA-KAMMANN, Germany. KBA-KAMMANN manufacture probably the finest printimng machines in the world for the decoration of containers. Please click here to go to kba-kammann.uk


 Whether is is one machine or a complete plant we will give the same attention and commitment to ensuring a successful transaction. Please complete the 'Contact' form on the left if you wish to discuss this opportunity. Alternatively you may like to call us on +44 (0)1242 690154 (BST) Our fax number is +44 (0) 01242 690156. We will also sell your surplus equipment for you. For a 10% commission on successful sale we will appraise your equipment and agree a selling price. This arrangement will give you access to our world-wide database of potential buyers.  

Selling your machinery?

We are looking for good second hand and equipment. Please let us have details of any surplus equipment you wish to dispose of. We treat all information with the utmost discretion and would be pleased to look at any proposals you may have. Typically we need:   Injection moulders, blow moulders, extruders and extrusion lines, bottle and cup printing machinery, thermoformers and vacuum formers, silk-screen printers and complete lines.used plastics machinery 

New Machinery

We can supply NEW Silk screen bottle printers and Thermoformers Please enquire.

Please use the 'CONTACT US'  form on the left to email us.  Alternatively you may like to call us on +44 (0)1242 690154 (BST) Our fax number is +44 (0) 01242 690156. Thank you.

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